Dance Party in Lahore


Dance Party in Lahore, Pakistan, Canceled After Police Arrest 50 People

A dance party in Lahore, Pakistan, was brought to an abrupt halt after the police arrest 50 people. The frenzy crowd of revelers was accompany by religious clerics. The police arrest them for violating tobacco and amplifier laws. The hotel’s owner and Lahore Call Girls manager were also book for abetment. The local police, as well as the religious authorities, demand the party be stop.

Police have use excessive force against protesters in Pakistan. In one case, they beat up opposition politicians, including Senate opposition leader Aitzaz Ahsan, outside the National Assembly. On May 15, police beat hundreds of demonstrators . They also arrest elderly women and journalists. The incident has spark nationwide anger. A few days later, dozens more people were arrest after police open fire on a crowd protesting the government’s policies and the plight of Christian Pakistanis.

In another case, police killed three alleged robbers during a shootout outside Lahore Call Girls. Hundreds of people were arrested and charged in the robbery, including a blindfolded man named Abdus Salam. The police also shot and killed three motorcyclists, reportedly as revenge for the killings of Lahore dance party organizers. The arrests cause an uproar in Pakistan’s media, with many people demanding the prosecution release the suspects.

In 1997, hundreds of incidents of violence against women were report in Pakistan. The press continue to call attention to dowry-relate deaths. Most of the victims were burn to death in kitchen accidents, but others were kill with acid. Shahnaz (20) of Hando Gujran, a suburb of Lahore, told her parents that her husband burn her to death after a night out with his friends. The case is being investigate internally by the Lahore Call Girls.

The government cut off critical government advertising revenue for Jang, Pakistan’s leading Urdu daily. The newspaper was then serve with $13 million in tax notices. Government inspectors continue to harass the Jang group, which was own by the prominent politician Shakil Ur-Rehman. The government has no alternative but to repress media. There is also a widespread lack of freedom of Escorts Service in Lahore speech in Pakistan, and the government can control newsprint.

The raid on the dance party was prompt by a story publish in the Ausaf newspaper, which claim there was an Ahmadi “preaching headquarters” in Swat. The allegations were false, and the journalists were eventually release after apologizing for their mistake. But the issue has trigger further repercussions in the country. In the meantime, the events in Lahore have trigger a debate over child labor.

Among the most await events in Lahore in recent months was a music party, DJ Liberate, which was attend by Pakistan’s high-profile elite. Yet, the party was suddenly cancel by the police after 50 people were detain. Ticket holders had spent upwards of 5000 to 7000 rupees to enter the party, which turn out to be a night of pure entertainment and fun. The event was held in a vibrant entertainment district call Heera Mandi, which was set within the crumbling walls of Lahore’s old city. Dance Party in Lahore, musicians, and DJs entertain the crowd, while clients wrapp marigold garlands around their wrists and mingle in the fragrance.

The event was attend by more than 3,000 people and police shut it down. A cleric threaten a station Lahore Call Girls house officer with the consequences of his actions if the party was not shut down. At midnight, police officers steppe in and order the guests to leave the premises. The event had been organist by Mango Entertainment, a private sector company, with approval from the district commissioner. However, the police officers did not follow the SOPs and peddle vulgarity and profanity to the participants.

On Friday, Punjab Police issue a statement condemning the incident, saying the temple was “inappropriately target” by a mob. The hearing was adjourn until August 13, but the details of the incident were not disclose. The incident also prompt India to summon the Pakistani charge d’affaires in New Delhi. The Indian government express grave concern over the attacks on the freedom of religion in Pakistan.

At the end of Monday night, police raids on the homes of Tehreek-e-Insaf supporters took place in several major cities across the country. Over the course of the night, nearly 50 people were detain in Lahore, which has become a hot bed of protests. Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s party in Islamabad is unaffect, with plans for a rally that will continue regardless of the arrests.

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